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I had this done once before with Juvederm Voluma. It made a subtle life changing difference in the wrinkles my smile lines were beginning to create. A year later & I noticed the crease becoming prominent again. I had my Nasolabial lines filled with Juvederm Ultra Plus this time.

Ely carter

I recently had one syringe of Juvéderm to my upper and bottom lip, and to the corners of my mouth to fill in some acne scars from when I was younger. I take a slight blood thinner so I always get more massive bruising than everyone else. I’ve been taking my arnica and using arnica cream.

Lindy Shellp

Wonderful experience! Very pleased! My first time meeting carine’s team, and was very impressed with the knowledge and friendliness of everyone. I was completely at ease and the procedure went perfectly! I could not be more pleased!!!! Thank you Carine!!!


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